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Archery is a sport everyone can be successful at regardless of age, size or physical ability. It develops hand-eye coordination, dexterity and teaches the importance of focus and concentration.


One of the many skills that campers often experience for the first time, archery is always popular at HADEDA Creek.

Thanks to books and movies like The Hunger Games, archery has experienced a surge in popularity in recent years and campers are eager to learn the techniques involved. Campers are closely supervised as they use HADEDA Creek’s compound bows to aim for the bull’s-eye. Camp’s archery range is ready for the next Robin Hood. Could that be you?

At our outdoor archery range, campers practice under the careful supervision of trained counsellors. Archery counsellors emphasize safety and fun as they cover rules integrated with archers’ games. There’s no feeling in the world like hitting your first bullseye!